Physiotherapists Kathy Chamberlain and Cathy Kammerer established Rougemount Physiotherapy in 1996. Kathy Chamberlain retired from Rougemount Physiotherapy to her country home in 2012. She continues her passion for physiotherapy and client care within her community. Cathy Kammerer will develop Rougemount Physiotherapy going forward with the same vision that they both shared in 1996.

Their vision was to develop an interactive, community physiotherapy clinic that provided quality personal and professional physiotherapy services to our surrounding neighbourhoods.


At Rougemount Physiotherapy, we encourage you to take an active role in your rehabilitation and maintenance through knowledge and effective participation.

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association's web site is a comprehensive source for information that can help you decide how to deal with your injury.

Knowledge is the first step to recovery but always consult a physiotherapist for specific rehabilitation and maintenance that is tailored to your needs.

View our current and past newsletters for helpful information from Rougemount Physiotherapy that relates to our patients and our community.

Always consult a professional physiotherapist if your symptoms are serious.

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